Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Screenshots on Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt - What's so good about Android?

What's so good about Android?

My answer is embedded within these screenshots:

The home screens are customizable. You want an icon for a gmail label? You want am icon to open only if xyz person sends you an email? Create an icon/label for that...

Direct touch call/text an icon and you're done...

Icons to open a specific document, bookmark, picture... (below)

One of my favorite apps is Locale... auto set ringtone depending on time of day... At 700 when my kids are going to sleep, my ringtone automatically goes lower... Basically, at any given set of events, such as time, location, battery percentage, etc. another event will occur, such as any phone setting, and application to be opened, etc... (Another nice "situation" is that WiFi is set too "Off" unless I am near my home or work...

Power control plus... Put any application, setting, as shortcuts, customize the look of the shortcuts...

Replying to an email... Respond inline, so you can embed your reply within the original email text. (Q/A type emails)

Long press on an item and what do you do with it? Where do you want to go with it?

Email... 2 way sync, almost instantly syncs with your Gmail on any PC... Same goes with Contacts and Calendar

Voice to text is extremely accurate. ANY field where you can type - you can use voice instead. 


  1. ...and this covers about less than 10% of what I like about Android, specifically my HTC Thunderbolt....
    Did I mention the 4G LTE?

  2. Too true. Android being 'open' allows for very unique customization.