Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hackjob: Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Car Dock to Fit the Phone With Case On

All my friends know me for my hackjob installations or fixit jobs around the house. Classic case was mounting my mini TV and cable box to the treadmill (Duct Tape):

So I bought the Thunderbolt. Awesome phone. To protect my hefty investment, I purchased the Platinum series case:

I also bought the car dock that is custom made for the tbolt.

The problem is that when the tbolt is in the case, it does not fit into the dock. And I'm not gonna start taking out the case every time I get into my car...
And so the hackjob began...

BEFORE SHOTS: (taken from

Tools Used: Dremmel Tool

STEP 1: Unscrew backing. (4 screws) 
STEP 2: Remove plastic faceplate
STEP 3:Cut as shown below
STEP 4: Re-screw top portion as well as bottom portions where the screw holes are.
STEP 5: Make it look "pretty" with electrical tape.
STEP 6: Use Dremmel to make a groove in the tbolt case so that the clasp on top of the dock will hold the phone in place.

Here is my horrible, "how to" picture:

AFTER SHOTS: Its not pretty, at all. But it works and is secure...

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