Thursday, April 29, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible vs. Blackberry Tour

My initial perspective after only a few hours using the Incredible:
See, Blackberry is awesome in core functions, such as messaging, calendar, etc. I've tried several times leaving Blackberry moving to the iPhone, Moto Droid, and now this. The thing is, nothing will ever be as good as Blackberry for messaging. This match up comes real close - my initial: I think the pros of the Incredible outweight the cons of the antiquated BB OS. More in depth review coming...

Update 1:
Battery on Incredible is horrible. With moderate usage, battery depleted 100% from 6AM until 1145AM. (Wifi/Bluetooth enabled) with minimal (under 5 minutes) voice usage. I almost think that I got a defective battery...

Update 2:
The battery was draining at about 30% an hour. This was even with data turned off, and ZERO usage. There must have been something wrong with that specific unit. Did not help even with a replacement battery.

Update 3:
So I just got my replacement unit and I'm relieved to find out that the battery issue is resolved. Only -30% with about 5 1/2 hours of moderate usage. Wifi/Bluetooth and push apps running. I love this phone...

Update 4: (7/15/10)
Thanks to Unrevoked, my Incredible is now rooted. First order of business: delete City ID, Footprints, and some other garbage the DI comes packaged with.

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