Sunday, June 28, 2009

iPhone 3GS vs. Blackberry Bold


I'm contemplating switching from a Blackberry Bold to the iPhone 3GS.

Here is my list of pros and cons when comparing the two:

iPhone pros and cons (compared to the Bold):

Great web browsing display
Super fast web speed (both wifi and 3G)
Great email display...
Great apps/app store
Great video/camera
Media playback (photos/video/music)
2 way Gmail sync (as opposed to only one way for bb)
Easy lookup of old/archived messages
Nice attachment viewing
Saving a video is super fast compared to saving on the bb

No push email (gmail)
Slower to enter calendar appointment (no ability to set a default alert / reminder)
Cannot run apps in the background unless jailbroken (like pandora or gps apps)
No bbm
No mms support (supposed to work end of summer on Att)
Phone quality (and speakerphone) is much better on bb bold
No ability to snooze calendar reminder!!
In general, slower to reply to an email or sms.
Cannot save attachments such ad PDF, doc (I believe there's a 3rd party app for Docs To Go that will do this.)
Battery life not so good

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