Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab - Or Hold Off??

I am usually quick at getting the latest cool gadgets. But I never got the iPad since I couldn't justify it. I literally had no use for it. At work I am in front of my computer, at home, there is a computer in the living room, I have a spare laptop if I need to take it in my bedroom. On the go, I have my Droid X.

Where would a tablet fit in?

I don't know if I am looking for justification or an excuse to get one, but I have a real reason now:

At work, my desk is "L" Shapeed. I face the client, and when I need to use the computer I face the short end of the "L".

When I have a new client and I input the case information into my new case management site (designed by http://www.pandioncorp.com/). But it is annoying and inconvenient to keep turning my neck and/or chair 90 degrees to bounce back and forth between the client and computer.

Why not have a tablet in between myself and the client!?

Considering the client software is web based, both the iPad or the Galaxy Tab would work.

After looking at the below video, the only real advantage the iPad has is the bigger screen. When not entering new client information, I could dock the Tab and use it as a dedicated email screen instead of my main screen. So many uses......

What do you think?

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