Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Favorite Android Apps

As you all know, my Android device of choice is the HTC Droid Incredible by Verizon Wireless.
Here is a list of my favorite apps with brief description. Not particularly in order. I would definitely classify these as "must have" apps:

Advanced Task Killer - Set it to auto kill all or specific apps. Especially important if you still have junk apps that come preloaded with your phone. (I removed my junk apps after rooting)

Locale - profile changes depending on location or time. Many many options. Look up details in market. 
I also downloaded the Locale "shortcut" plugin which allows certain events to make other events happen. IE: when you plug in the phone to charger, a certain app will appear (I set to clock). OR at 7:00, let the weather app appear... VERY useful.

Handcent sms - great replacement sms app. Main feature is popup of new sms

Scanner Radio - Listen to local or any live scanner audio feed. Almost any live feed that is on 

TIKL - PTT app

Battery Indicator - tells you how much percent left, in the top notification bar.

Evernote - Syncs notes, voicenotes, or picture with the web or a pc app that you download.

Qik video - become your own anchorman. broadcast LIVE STREAMING VIDEO to the web at your personal web address.


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